Through our transportation planning skills, experience and passion, we offer a wide range of focused solutions to transport challenges across modes i.e. road, rail, aviation & maritime.

Our team of planning & engineering experts have developed experience over the years and possess skills in data collection, data analysis, demand modelling, options analysis, optimal plan development and report compilation among others.

Offerings in this area include:

  • Freight & passenger transportation data collection and analysis;
  • Freight & passenger transportation data modelling (current & projected);
  • Traffic & development impact studies;
  • Crafting of freight & passenger transportation strategies;
  • Crafting of freight & passenger transportation plans;
  • Feasibility assessments of proposed transportation improvement programmes;
  • Infrastructure & system performance improvement design;
  • Planning & design of new road, rail, port and airport facilities;
  • Planning & design of transportation intermodal facilities;
  • Implementation management of transportation interventions (projects & services);
  • Transportation infrastructure & system performance audits;
  • Performance measurement.