Business Process

We have a sustained commitment to build human capital both internally within the company and externally with clients and new actors in the sectors within which we operate.

This we strive to achieve through the following principles:

  • Recognising and building on in-house individual expertise,
  • Formalising to varying degrees the harnessing of knowledge through the use of appropriate systems and methodologies,
  • Encouraging the growth of an open corporate culture in which knowledge is viewed as being central to organisational development and to the efficiency of methods of business development
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction Management (EPCM)
  • Research & Innovation
  • Policy & Strategy Development

SAFIRI Areas of Involvement

The transportation & built environment sectors we operate in cover the full project development cycle.The various elements of this cycle generally call for different skills and expertise from across the transportation& built environment spectrum of professionals.

As SAFIRI, we have taken to mapping the project value chain as we perceive it and then matched our skills and experience against some of these areas. The outcome is the schematic provided below which is a depiction of the project value chain as well as our involvement in it.

Some of our clients